Bestselling Books

Author of two bestselling books, most recently: Livsfarlig ledelse (ENG: Lethal Leadership), now in its 17th printing and a national no. 1 business bestseller with 40,000 copies sold and looking for international adaptation and publication. The book discusses the myths of modern management destroying performance, sustainable growth and work life balance.

Keynote Speaking

For the past 100 years we have developed management principles that have increased our efficiency and lead to enormous growth. But these principles have been shown to have a scary lopsidedness.

Today we can lead and engage employees so much so that they put aside morality and their own health to reach goals and deadlines – and while ever more people die of stress each year our creativity, innovation, and human balance plummet.

The question is no longer if we will fall over the edge. The question is when it happens and what we can do to avoid it. We still have to be efficient and create results. But we also have to change focus from short-term solutions to sustainable management that ensures long-term productivity.

About Christian

Christian Ørsted, M.Sc. (Economics and business administration).
Bestselling Author, Management Consultant and Speaker.

Christian Orsted has advised a wide range of organizations since 1996 and is one of the most popular leadership speakers in Denmark, conducting 400+ speeches, lectures and keynotes in the last five years – either as keynote on large conferences all over the world or for senior management in large corporations and organisations.

His clients include businesses ranging from startups to international corporations; Coca-Cola, LEGO and Microsoft. He also works with government institutions and NGOs; The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danish Red Cross and the United Nations.